Vapor Management

Since its early involvement in the development and integration of ORVR into automobiles over 20 years ago, Stant has continued to be successful in engineering, designing, and manufacturing fuel vapor management products. Combining those products with a complete understanding of the vapor management system, Stant is able to provide system level vapor management solutions that meet the most stringent emissions regulations.

Leveraging three R&D centers located in the USA, Czech Republic, and China, and a complete understanding of global emissions regulations, Stant is able to provide local support to our customers, and engineer products that meet their specific emissions requirements and regulations.

Today Stant sells over 2.5 million vapor management carbon canisters globally per year. Stant vapor canisters are capable of meeting low permeation and low bleed targets for non-ORVR, ORVR, and PHEV applications.

Stant Inlet Check Valves (ICV) use the latest technologies to meet the lowest permeation requirements, maintain industry leading pressure drop values, while maintaining flexible attachment and packaging options.

Stant Grade Vent Valves (GVV) along with our Fill Limit Vent Valves (FLVV) provide precise tuning and control of fuel liquid level with industry leading liquid leak performance. The double wall construction of the FLVV provides enhanced liquid discrimination performance throughout the entire fuel capacity shutoff range. 

Capless Gas Part

Stant Capless products are the safest in the market and provide unprecedented sealing and emission performance to meet all global regulations. Stant provides over 4 million capless units annually to multiple OEMs and for every region, fuel, and fuel system. Stant capless designs are modular to meet the various regional/customer requirements and available for petrol, diesel, and PHEV.

Stant Fuel Cap is the gold standard for safety, performance, and quality in the market. Stant sells over 18 million fuel caps per year to multiple OEMs in all regions, regulations, and for all fuel systems.  Stant fuel caps are available for petrol, diesel, and PHEV and meet all global regulations for sealing and emissions performance.

Stant Fuel Filler Pipe assembly allows fuel delivery integration and value to the OEM.  Stant supplies fuel filler pipes in stainless steel, carbon steel (painted), and multi-layer plastic for every region, fuel, and fuel system. Integration of the capless in the fuel filler pipe assembly offers the customer substantial value through Stant economies of scope.