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VAPOR Management

Stant has 20 years of experience and success in manufacturing fuel vapor management products.As a leading supplier of evaporative emission canisters, Stant manufactures over 1 million carbon canisters annually. 

Our wide variety of valves—including rollover vent valves, double wall refueling control valves, multi-function control valves, and compact inlet check valves—provide a wide range of options and flexibility for our global customers. Stant offers creative and cost-effective solutions to meet our customers’ emissions needs.

Our development team work with customers globally to develop extremely efficient and effective canisters that meets EPA and CARB requirements. Additionally our canisters meet all current requirements for LEV II, PZEV, Euro IV, and KOBD standards.

Stant’s activated carbon canister modules play an essential role in controlling the loss of evaporative emissions from fuel systems to the environment. To meet increasing demand for hybrid vehicles, Stant has developed a solution for providing emissions canisters for hybrid propulsion systems and developed and launched evaporative emission canister solutions for non-integrated pressurized fuel systems.